Fibre craft: a work in progress

I’m creating an artwork for the Creative Fibre 2019 Festival. It has to include “a pot of gold” and fit on an A4 sheet of paper.

I’ve created fabric art before but nothing thus elaborate. I’m using it to try some techniques I haven’t done before, including brick stitch and Dorset buttons.

It’s almost finished, and will fit in this frame I already own.  Not sure if it will be accepted framed, as that takes it larger than A4.





still care? Still knitting…

I’m frantically knitting things to sell at Paraparaumu Playcentre Fair this coming weekend. So far. a “Scorch the Dragon” hat – and another started; baby ugg boots in green+purple Opal sock wool; purple mittens for my grandson which he won’t wear and might as well be sold; mittens in progress made of leftover blue Flutterby yarn (acrylic, so it doesn’t knit well or keep its shape, but cute) with some freebie blue yarn intertwined for strength.

Also three cute flower hats in shades of pink!!! I cannot usually be having with pink but these colours somehow got around my emotional barriers. With knitted flowers on.

Now I need more polystyrene hat stands to display them.

Good grief, look at the time! I’m still in my pyjamas.

Knit five,purlfive, get to the end of this row quick; oh heck it’s on circular needles, endlessrows Do-I-have-time-for-a-shower? Knit-knit-knit-knit-knit-knit-ohshit-that-should-have-been purl….

why do you care?

My daughter, the artist behind azolloza art, has been listening to small business marketing & strategy podcasts while feeding baby or when toddler naps. She tells me an artist, crafter, hobbyist or small business person needs a blog. She says people like to know who they’re buying from, and what they like and are like, and where they do their creating.

If I want to sell stuff, it seems I have to blog about what I’m making, and post photos of my messy “craft area”, and describe the wool / fibre / textile / paint / glue / paper / tapestry wool, cotton, silk etc that I’m working with.

I need to post to Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Etsy and GodKnowsWhereElse as well as selling via Felt and having this website that shows all my stuff in one place, and maybe individual websites for each of my art+craft things.

Apparently you want to know more about me than the things I’ve already shared: photographs, poetry, handcrafted greeting cards, knitted garments, tapestries, favourite quotes, resources about depression, and more. You want to know me better than you can by clicking the links to my other websites or following me up on social media.

bronzart - Bronwyn crafting

Now, I do believe that “Marketing is Everything”.

And if this is what it takes, I’ll blog about what I’m doing, instead of getting on and doing it, and you can see photos of me sitting on the sofa knitting or doing tapestry.

At present I’m using a miscellany of yarns – wool, acrylic, blended, pink, mauve, scarlet, red, grey, green – to make a hat for sale at my daughter’s kids’ play centre fair. When it’s finished, you can see a photo. Work in progress? Nah, coz I don’t know how it will turn out. Best not to raise your expectations…

handbag in progressHere’s a photo of another work-in-progress, though. (It’s finished now, and doesn’t look anything like it appears it will, although it gets lots of compliments.)

I hope you’re enjoying my first blog on the topic of “what I’m working on”, and I hope even more you’ll buy some of it. And yes, here’s the link:

But what I’d really like to know, dear prospective customer, is, “Why do you care?”