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Kia ora! I’m Bronwyn Angela White, and I’ve knitted and stitched for so long I can’t remember being taught! My jewellery-making began very quietly, when I fell in love with some metal daisies in craft shop and just had to make jewellery with them!

In 2020 I began stitching my “Silver Birch Forest” series. Other fibre artworks are inspired by exhibition themes or evolve organically from the yarns and fabric in my stash. Since joining Creative Fibre a few years ago, my imagination and experimentation have increased, along with my confidence, and I’m having a go at couching and embellishing as well as long stitch, cross stitch and embroidery stitches.

I’m happy to accept commissions from anyone who’s happy with my process-led, and largely unplanned, non-representational style of creating.

My jewellery-making is getting out of hand! With all the fabulous beads available, I need to sell more pieces so have just started (October 2021) having a table at Waikanae Community Market, as well as selling via Kapiti Gallery and Kapiti Arts and Crafts shop in Raumati.

I have five shops on the Felt platform:
hand-knit accessories and quirky kids’ clothes in bronz.art and 2Brothers respectively; jewellery in bronz.beads and bronz.beads.bridal; and fibre artworks in eclecticyarn

Anything else you’d like to know? I have two gorgeous grandsons, my models for quirky handknits on littlebrotherbigbrother

I’ve had a book of poems and liturgy published, and another self-published. I’ve begun collating two more collections of my inclusive, progressive, evolving christian liturgies – but I’ve got a bit distracted by handcrafting. You can read – and use, rights free – my writing on my website Words of Spirit and Faith

Overseas trips in 2006 and 2011 provided some great photo opportunities, and I’ve also loved taking photos of “the best little capital in the world”, Wellington.

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