fibre art : stitching

I began serious cross stitching some 40 years ago, quickly working on my own designs rather than on other people’s ideas or kit sets. I enjoy making patterns rather than pictures, and mixing up unusual elements in a creation.

My most recent artworks (May 2022) are a pair of cushions and fibre art currently in the “Fine Feathers” exhibition at Kapiti Gallery, and harakeke-themed works for the mid-year Creative Fibre event in Taranaki.

Examples of my “experiments” in long stitch, over-stitching on rug canvas, couching and stump work, along with cross-stitch and including elements such as fabric and beads.

The set of cushions I made to accompany a new black leather lounge suite was a breakthrough in my stitching: combining traced Tiffany glass patterns with my own design elements, in a complementary palette of dark green and deep scarlet.

Recently I’ve experimented with a mix of cross stitch, embroidery stitches and fabric on tapestry and rug canvas, creating framed art and practical items so an iPad, phone or glasses case can double as a clutch purse or pouch.

Here are some of my early and less recent fabric artworks.