black dog links and some cartoons

Big Black Dog message board and chat room

A NZ-run mental illness consumer peer support group available to all, online 24/7.  The Big Black Dog Message Board was started in August 2008 and currently has around 160 members (membership & registration is free but essential to post or visit the chat room). The message board is moderated and has become a safe haven for many who previously felt they had no voice.


7 simple ways to support your child’s mental health

Place2Be, a charity providing school-based mental health support, are launching the UK’s first ever Children’s Mental Health Week


You make the difference

Like Minds, Like Mine – New Zealand mental health awareness

Like Minds media and stigma watch – “If you come across any media coverage you consider to be unhelpful or inaccurate, or informative and balanced…”

Denise L’Estrange Corbet: “You feel you’re going deeper and deeper into this incredible darkness”

John Kirwan: “I like to call it freaking out”

peanuts - joy


 The signs of depression we rarely notice.

NZ Mental Health Foundation – resources. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

Pathways is New Zealand’s leading national provider of community-based mental health and wellness services.

Te Pou works to support and develop the mental health, addiction and disability workforces in New Zealand.

The Werry Centre is a national centre for infant, child and adolescent mental health, led by Dr Sally Merry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and situated within the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. It has three arms, namely research, teaching and workforce development. The centre is involved in the development and promotion of evidence-based approaches to healthcare as well as supporting clinical staff and services working with infants, child and adolescents throughout New Zealand.


Depression – caregiver resources Helping someone get through depression is not an easy task, but anything you can do to help will make a positive difference.

Signs your nanny (or wife, or sister, or you…) may be suffering from depression “Dealing with depression while managing the household of a busy family could be overwhelming for your nanny, who may be reluctant to broach the issue with you for fear of repercussions up to and including the loss of her job. If you’re concerned that your childcare provider could be suffering from depression, here are 10 of the signs to look out for.”

Beyond Depression – a journey of healing (US based)


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